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Datacrons are objects that can be found on the many worlds of SWTOR. When collected, each grants a small stat increase (Mastery or Endurance). In 4.0, all the class-specific stats (Aim, Cunning, Strength and Willpower) were rolled into one called Mastery. This means that if you haven’t collected all the datacrons (some of which may have been worthless to you prior to 4.0), you are missing out on a significant stat increase (126 Mastery, 35 Endurance and 42 Presence). The good news is datacrons are now legacy bound: if you collect a datacron on one character, all characters on your account benefit. If you want to min/max, I recommend you go out and search for them; there are many detailed datacron location maps/guides online.


Term Definition
AoE area of effect
CC crowd control: refers to abilities/effects that incapacitate enemies (mezzes, saps and stuns) or hamper their movement (roots and slows)
DCD defensive cooldown
DoT damage over time
DPS damage per second, also a synonym for damage dealer
DR damage reduction
GCD global cooldown
hard stun 2.5–4-second CC that doesn't break on damage taken (e.g., Debilitate or Dirty Kick)
HoT heal over time
LoS line of sight
mez 4–8-second CC that breaks on damage taken (e.g., Flash Bang or Flash Grenade)
root type of CC that prevents enemy movement
slow type of CC that slows enemy movement


Concealment (Scrapper) is a melee discipline with high burst damage. It has great mobility, stealth and powerful off-healing from Kolto Probe (Slow-release Medpac) and Kolto Infusion (Kolto Pack). It can isolate and control enemies with an array of CCs. It excels in duels and small engagements, making it equally suited to arenas and objective play in warzones.

A rundown of Concealment and Scrapper’s pros and cons are given in the following table.

Pros Cons
on-hand burst burst management relies on an internal timer
high mobility weak swap damage (switching from one target to another)
short cooldowns on DCDs: Evasion (Dodge), Shield Probe (Defense Screen) and Exfiltrate (Scamper)
powerful off-healing

This guide is written so that both Concealment and Scrapper players can refer to it. Except for reasons of clarity, Imperial ability names will be followed by the Republic equivalent, e.g., Evasion (Dodge).

Game Update 5.0 Highlights

  • Gear no longer carries Expertise. There is no distinction between PvP and PvE gear and PvP gear has been removed from fleet vendors.
  • War Hero crystals now carry Mastery instead of Expertise.
  • After reaching level 70, subscribers are able to earn Command XP (CXP) towards Command ranks (1–300) on a per-character basis.
  • Every time you gain a Command rank, you receive a Command crate containing random items (gear, cosmetic items, pets, crafting materials, etc.). The stats and set bonuses on gear depend on your discipline (Medicine, Concealment, etc.) when opening the crate. The maximum item rating of gear from Command crates depends on your Command rank, given in the table below.

  • Tier Item Rating Command Rank
    Tier 1 230 1–89
    Tier 2 236 90–179
    Tier 3 242 180–299
    Tier 4 248 300
While you will not gain Command ranks beyond 300, you will continue to earn tier 4 Command crates as you gain CXP.

Stats and Gear

Acquiring Gear

There are three ways to get gear.

  1. Obtain gear drops from Operations as follows.

  2. Difficulty Item Rating
    Story Mode 236
    Veteran (Hard Mode) 242
    Master (Nightmare) 248

  3. Obtain Unassembled Components to trade in for gear. You can earn Unassembled Components at the following rates by participating in PvP.

  4. Unranked Warzone Unranked Arena Ranked Solo Arena Ranked Group Arena
    Win 20 20 20 25
    Loss 8 5 10 10
    Daily Mission 25 40 75
    Weekly Mission 135 250 500

  5. By opening Command crates, which are earned each time you gain a Command rank. This method is supplementary to the first two. Command crates are RNG boxes much like the Cartel Market packs. Crates contain Command Tokens (which are used to purchase tier 1 gear directly from vendors) and three or more other items, one of which could be a piece of gear carrying a set bonus.

Note that PvP is not the only source of Unassembled Components. You can also earn them by disintegrating items in Command crates and participating in various other activities (e.g., defeating certain Operations bosses).

Stat Priority

Your priority is to meet the first or second Alacrity threshold, corresponding to global cooldowns of 1.4 or 1.3s respectively. These values are given in the table below. You can read more about the peculiarities of Alacrity Rating in rambol’s article Alacrity and the Global Cooldown or the relevant section of her guide to Stats and Damage Calculation. In short, exceeding these thresholds is largely a waste of your tertiary stat budget.

Alacrity Rating Alacrity (%) Global Cooldown
0–702 <7.15% 1.5
703–1859 7.15–15.40% 1.4
≥1860 ≥15.41% 1.3

Once you’ve met the desired threshold, spend the remainder of your tertiary stat budget on Critical Rating. While Critical Rating gives diminishing returns, it continues to be more useful than Mastery and Power beyond current stat budgets.

Optimal Gear and Item Modifications

The following table lists the optimal gear and item modifications for Concealment as of game update 5.9.2. Combine different earpieces, augments, enhancements and implants to achieve the desired values of Alacrity Rating and Critical Rating.

  Icon Name Stats
Augments Superior Alacrity Augment 48 +80 Endurance, +39 Power, +99 Alacrity Rating
Superior Critical Augment 48 +80 Endurance, +39 Power, +99 Critical Rating
Crystals Advanced [color] Eviscerating Crystal +41 Critical Rating
Enhancements Adept Enhancement 52 +146 Endurance, +162 Power, +231 Critical Rating
Quick Savant Enhancement 52 +146 Endurance, +162 Power, +231 Alacrity Rating
Mods Lethal Mod 52 +162 Endurance, +177 Power, +205 Mastery


GEMINI MK-5 Adept Device

+526 Endurance, +339 Power, +231 Critical Rating, +459 Mastery

GEMINI MK-5 Quick Savant Device

+526 Endurance, +339 Power, +231 Alacrity, +459 Mastery


GEMINI MK-5 Adept Package

+526 Endurance, +339 Power, +231 Critical Rating, +459 Mastery

GEMINI MK-5 Quick Savant Package

+526 Endurance, +339 Power, +231 Alacrity, +459 Mastery


GEMINI MK-5 Relic of Serendipitous Assault

30% chance to grant 1221 Power for 6 seconds every 20 seconds

GEMINI MK-5 Relic of Focused Retribution

30% chance to grant 1221 Mastery for 6 seconds every 20 seconds

If you equip two of the same kind of relic, their procs will not stack.

Further Reading

Bant is a well-known theorycrafter who developed a mathematical model to determine optimal stat allocation for typical PvE scenarios. His thread (last updated for 5.0.1a) is well worth reading. While Bant no longer plays, multi, another theorycrafter, continues to post updates using Bant’s model. If you are interested in hardcore raiding and min/maxing, these threads are required reading.

See also rambol’s guide to Stats and Damage Calculation.


Utilities Overview


 Slip Away (Dirty Escape)

Reduces the cooldown of Debilitate (Dirty Kick) by 15 seconds.

 Chem-resistant Inlays (Scar Tissue)

Increases damage reduction by 5%.

These are the two optimal choices in this tier. The others are less versatile; Nanotech Suit (Smuggled Get-up) is a strong candidate but only recommended for duels against specific classes.

 Imperial Weaponry (Let Loose)

Noxious Knives (Lacerating Blast) deals 25% more damage.

Not recommended. This utility provides no bonus to PvP; strictly a PvE utility as of 5.x.

 Hit and Run (Holdout Defense)

Striking a target with Shiv (Blaster Whip) or Veiled Strike (Bludgeon) grants Hit and Run (Holdout Defense), increasing your movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

Not recommended. While useful for running the ball in Huttball, for example, other utilities provide greater overall benefit.

Operatives already have plenty of tools for kiting in their kit: Evasion (Dodge) cleanses roots/slows on a roughly 20–30 second cooldown (with Evasive Imperative (Scramble), which reduces its cooldown every time you are attacked and is a must-pick utility), Sever Tendon (Tendon Blast) slows a target to create (or close) distance, Exfiltrate (Scamper) lets you roll 12–24m away from enemies and Holotraverse (Trick Move) lets you teleport away. It doesn’t make sense to spend a utility point on more mobility.

 Nanotech Suit (Smuggled Get-up)

Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%.

This is a great utility but only finds use in duels. In solo ranked or warzones, you get more out of Slip Away (Dirty Escape).

 Infiltrator (Sneaky)

Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3.

Not recommended. As explained above, Operatives have enough tools to create and close distance and the benefits of an increased stealth level are negligible.


 Curbing Strategies (Curbing Strategies)

Overload Shot (Quick Shot) and Noxious Knives (Lacerating Blast) reduce the movement speed of the targets they damage by 40% for 6 seconds. In addition, when Flash Bang (Flash Grenade) ends it leaves behind Flash Powder that reduces the target’s Accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds.

The only useful component of this utility is its Accuracy reduction. This can be used defensively or to relieve pressure from your healer in team ranked. Not recommended outside of team ranked.

 Precision Instruments (Anatomy Lessons)

Reduces the energy cost of Debilitate (Dirty Kick) and Sever Tendon (Tendon Blast) by 5 and makes Sever Tendon (Tendon Blast) immobilize the target for 2 seconds.

Strongly recommended. This utility helps you lock down targets and keep them in range for greater DPS.

 Advanced Cloaking (Flee the Scene)

Reduces the cooldown of Cloaking Screen (Disappearing Act) by 30 seconds. In addition, activating Cloaking Screen (Disappearing Act) increases movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

This utility is only situationally useful and not recommended.

 Med Shield (Med Screen)

Your Shield Probe (Defense Screen) heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it collapses.

Not recommended. This utility, like Nanotech Suit (Smuggled Get-up), is mainly for dueling certain classes. If you find you need more survivability, you can take this over Precision Instruments (Anatomy Lessons).

 Endorphin Rush (Keep Cool)

Adrenaline Probe (Keep Cool) now immediately restores 15 additional energy.

Not recommended. Only useful for PvE.

 Fortified Kolto (Supplemented Medpac)

While your Kolto Probe (Slow-release Medpac) is active on yourself, your damage reduction is increased by 3% per stack.

This is a must-pick utility! Combined with Chem-resistant Inlays (Scar Tissue), you have 11% damage reduction with (ideally) 100% uptime.


 Imperial Tactics (Get the Bulge)

Sever Tendon (Tendon Blast) will now grant a Tactical Advantage (Upper Hand).

This utility is of little use and not recommended.

 Evasive Screen (Skedaddle)

When activated, Cloaking Screen (Disappearing Act) grants 2 seconds of Evasion (Dodge).

Not recommended. Especially if you take Evasive Imperative (Scramble), Evasion (Dodge) will typically be available to pop just before Cloaking Screen (Disappearing Act).

 Evasive Imperative (Scramble)

Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Evasion (Dodge) is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.

This is a top-tier utility and strongly recommended, especially if you find yourself constantly under fire. If you are attacked at least every 1.5 seconds, the cooldown of Evasion (Dodge) drops to nearly 20 seconds—very useful.

Evasive Imperative (Scramble) not only procs for single-target attacks but also DoT ticks. Being the target of more DoTs only means you can cleanse them more often with Evasion (Dodge).

This utility synergizes well with Blow for Blow (Back at Ya): you will have a 3-second, 150% single-target reflect as often as every 20 seconds!

 Cunning Competencies (Dirty Trickster)

Countermeasures (Surrender) will also purge all movement-impairing effects when activated. Additionally, when Sleep Dart (Tranquilizer) wears off, the target is struck by Sedatives, reducing all damage dealt by 50% for the next 10 seconds.

This is another must-pick utility, which turns Countermeasures (Surrender) into a root breaker. Combined with the passive ability Ghost (Fight or Flight), this is your answer to roots, slows and other escape mechanics.

 Escape Plan (Smuggled Defenses)

Reduces the cooldown of Escape (Escape) by 30 seconds, Shield Probe (Defense Screen) by 5 seconds, and Infiltrate (Smuggle) by 60 seconds.

This utility is another top-tier pick. Currently, it fights for a permanent spot with Evasive Imperative (Scramble). If you find yourself tunneled in every match, Evasive Imperative (Scramble) is the way to go. If not, pick this.

 Jarring Strike (K.O.)

When used from stealth, Backstab (Back Blast) knocks down the target for 3 seconds. If the target is a player, they will be interrupted and immobilized for 3 seconds.

Situational. This utility gives you a third root for even more control. I have tested it in warzones and in some solo ranked matches and feel it has potential.

This utility synergizes with the Revealing Weakness (Hot and Ready) passive. When used against a target marked with Revealing Weakness (Hot and Ready), Backstab (Back Blast) can be executed while facing the target and is treated as though you attacked from stealth; this Backstab (Back Blast) will additionally interrupt and root the target. While not a top-tier utility, it is a viable option if you want to make a healer miserable in warzones or team ranked.


 Circumvention (Sleight of Foot)

Reduces the cooldown of Holotraverse (Trick Move) by 10 seconds and Holotraverse (Trick Move) can be used while immobilized and purges movement-impairing effects when used. Additionally, Holotraverse (Trick Move) grants a Tactical Advantage (Upper Hand).

This utility has its pros and cons. One the one hand, it gives Concealment Operatives perhaps the highest mobility in the game. It also grants a Tactical Advantage (Upper Hand), allowing you to follow up with immediate damage.

“What is the con?” you may ask. Well, dear reader, Holotraverse (Trick Move) is a temperamental and buggy ability. You may end up near your target, halfway across the map, get launched into orbit, fall into the abyss of the map or not move at all! While fun in regular warzones, this utility can’t be relied on in ranked play.

 Mobile Strategies (Slippery Shooter)

Exfiltrate (Scamper) grants a charge of Mobile Strategies (Slippery Shooter), reducing the energy cost of your next Overload Shot (Quick Shot) by 100%, allowing it to be used at 30m, and making it knock the target back. Each use of Overload Shot (Quick Shot) consumes a charge of Mobile Strategies (Slippery Shooter) and grants 10 energy.

Not recommended. Great for trolling but there are much better options.

 Revitalizers (Surprise Comeback)

Stim Boost (Pugnacity) now additionally grants Revitalizers (Surprise Comeback), restoring 5% of total health every 3 seconds and reducing damage received by 20% for 15 seconds.

A must-pick utility. This will save your butt so often, you’ll never be able to pay it back.

 Curative Agent (Sly Surrender)

Countermeasures (Surrender) grants Curative Agent (Sly Surrender), causing your next Kolto Probe (Slow-release Medpac) on a new target to immediately grant two stacks. Additionally, Countermeasures (Surrender) heals you for 1% of your maximum health every second for 10 seconds and Kolto Infusion (Kolto Pack) now initially restores 𝑥 health and then additionally restores 𝑦 health over 9 seconds.

Not recommended. In most circumstances, this utility is useless to Concealment Operatives.

Advanced: I recommend this for team ranked if you are facing a mez comp. If the enemy team is not actually attacking you, you get little to no value from Revitalizers (Surprise Comeback), Blow for Blow (Back at Ya) or Augmented Shields (Hotwired Defenses). For solo ranked, it’s iffy. If you know there are tanks in queue, you can take this utility. However, in typical 4 DPS vs 4 DPS games, the aforementioned legendary utilities are better picks.

 Augmented Shields (Hotwired Defenses)

Increase the amount of damage absorbed by Shield Probe (Defense Screen) by 30%.

Its usefulness is up for debate. As Revitalizers (Surprise Comeback) is a must-pick utility, you have a choice between this and Blow for Blow (Back at Ya). If you find yourself unable to time Evasion (Dodge) to leverage its 150% reflect, take Augmented Shields (Hotwired Defenses) instead. It helps mitigate burst and, when combined with Escape Plan (Smuggled Defenses), puts Shield Probe (Defense Screen) on a 25 second cooldown.

 Blow for Blow (Back at Ya)

Evasion (Dodge) grants a charge of Blow for Blow (Back at Ya), returning 150% single target tech or Force damage while Evasion (Dodge) is active for 3 seconds.

I consider this a top-tier pick. It has the highest return percentage of any reflect in the game at a whopping 150%. That is, if you were hit by Heatseeker Missiles (Demolition Round) for 30k damage with Evasion (Dodge) active, the attacker would receive 45k damage back. Note, however, that you still take the initial 30k damage. It’s a close call between this and Augmented Shields (Hotwired Defenses) and ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Because Blow for Blow (Back at Ya) synergizes so well with Evasive Imperative (Scramble), if you choose not to take Blow for Blow (Back at Ya), there is a good argument to be made to take Escape Plan (Smuggled Defenses) over Evasive Imperative (Scramble).

I think this is a great utility for solo ranked or group ranked because many games hinge on which team can put out the most DPS. People will often blindly tunnel through your Evasion (Dodge) and/or you can catch tech/Force abilities to reflect back. It might be enough damage for your team to get a kill or make attackers hesitate to tunnel you.